Black lipsticks are in! Ever since Fenty Beauty added a black lipstick to the stunna lip paint collection, our timelines have been graced with bold and edgy looks featuring black lipstick. The thing is not everyone is willing to splurge on a pricey black lippy they’ll probably wear three times a year or only to the gram. If you’ve been searching for an affordable black matte lipstick or you just want to try it out before deciding to splurge on the best one, this post will provide you with all the tips to be creative with what you already have.

Using Liquid Eyeliner as Black Lipstick

Everyone loves black liquid eyeliner for a good wing but it can also come in handy as a black lipstick if you’re not ready for the dark lip commitment. Another advantage is that the sharp tip allows you to define your cupids bow and get that precise lipstick application. The downside is that it could be drying so moisturizing the lip before the application is key!

Wearing a liquid eyeliner as a black lippy

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Gel Eyeliner as Black Lipstick

Again just like the liquid eyeliner, grab that black gel eyeliner you already own and rock it as a black lipstick. Depending on the formula of your gel eyeliner, you can either wear it like that or blot lightly with some translucent powder or black eyeshadow for that matte aesthetic.

Black Eyeshadow as Black Lipstick

Dark blue lipstick topped with black eyeshadow

Yeah, you read that right. Black eyeshadow as black lipstick. You’re probably thinking how the heck a powder eyeshadow is going to stick to your lips right. Well, all you need is a moisturizing lipstick, preferably a dark color (that way it’s easier to cover up) or nude. Think of the lipstick underneath as an eyeshadow primer.  Once you have that applied, use a brush to pack on the black eyeshadow evenly to your lips (just as you would do on the lids). BOOM! That’s it! A matte black lippy that won’t budge.

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