It’s been a hot minute guys! I’ve been so busy with life, but I’ll save that story (if you’re interested) for another day cause that’s not why you clicked on this post.

Before I introduce you to the star of the show, I’m quite sure that it’s a product almost every makeup junkie has in her kit; only that they’re yet to discover the other uses beyond what it is advertised to be.

Sooo are we ready to know what is responsible for this flawless coverage? It’s good, It’s affordable (as low as $4/1,300 NGN), It’s an OG, It’s none other than the – drumrolls – LA girl pro concealer! Okayyy I know you were probably expecting some drugstore foundation or some sort of hack, but naa it’s the famous LA girl pro concealer. The thing is a lot of people have this concealer but only use it to correct, conceal, highlight and contour; when it can also be used as a foundation (well I’ll tell you how). You know we’re all about multiuse of makeup products on here.

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LA girl pro concealer can be used as a foundation and it gives a full coverage with long-lasting wear than the regular foundation. I know the LA girl concealer has a thick matte consistency and you’re wondering how the heck is it going to blend as a foundation but I’ll drop a few tips which when mastered will make you abandon your favorite high-end foundation (just kidding… or maybe not lol).

  • Add one or two drops of makeup revolution baking oil. This will make the concealer fluid and thinner. The glowy finish you get from this is ah-mazing! This oil is so good in keeping your makeup longer so don’t worry about getting greasy.
  • You could use dry oil where the above is unavailable. It’s also a great way to lock in moisture without making you oily. However, not all oils are suitable for this. The best oils to use are rosehip oil, argan oil, marula oil. Stay away from castor or coconut oil.
  • If the oil mixture is not your thing, you can apply some of the concealer to the back of your palm and warm it up with up with your fingers before applying. This will sheer it out and make it easier to blend.
Wearing the shade ‘fawn’ here

And that’s it! You’re ready to slay with a flawless coverage that doesn’t cost a fortune. This trick is good for makeup artists who have many clients of different skin tones, makeup lovers and regular makeup users because it can always come handy. When next you run out of your foundation and are unable to replace it immediately, just get the LA girl pro concealer in your shade and you’re good to go. Foundation plus concealer for as low as 1,300 NGN? Sign me up, please.

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You can find the shade descriptions of LA girl pro concealer here. Shop LA girl pro concealers here.




  1. Woow I really enjoyed reading this, thanks for the hack it sure will help me darling 😚

    • Hawwa

      I’m glad I could be of help! Do tag me when you try it out XX

  2. Woooooow me that can’t makeup this is an escape thank you soooo much 😍Hawaaa you are the best 😘😘😘

  3. Wow! I’m glad to lesrn that I’m not the only one multi-tasking this product. I don’t like heavey makeup, so most times I just use my concealers and I’m good to go.

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