Congratulations, Class of 2018! As some of you could already tell from my Instagram posts, I recently bagged a Bachelor degree in Pharmacy from Eastern Mediterranean University with a First-Class Honours. I must say it has been a rough yet delightful ride these past four years. All the stress from lab reports, Latin names I had to memorize, thesis project and a lot more! To the glory of God, I was able to finish strong.

University has definitely taught me a lot apart from the education such as coping with difficult situations in life, interacting with people of various social and cultural backgrounds, and money management. The real world is quite scary but we must keep moving. All of these lessons learned in uni prepare us (consciously or subconsciously) for the real-life challenges.

I remember being excited for my graduation after taking summer classes in 2017, but as time drew nearer, I wasn’t feeling it anymore. In fact, I wished I could put a pause on time cause I wasn’t ready for the world out there. The thought of ending a chapter in my life to begin a new one; one full of doubts and uncertain plans, I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy adjustment. The question “what next” kept running through my head that I lost sight of what was important – enjoying the moment. I was living in the future and that only brought more anxiety.

Well, it’s here now, and I’ve accepted that it’s okay to not have it all figured out. Life is a journey, and every end has a new beginning.  To anyone who has just graduated, yet to graduate, or at any stage of life, plan ahead, take control of what you can, and leave the rest to God. If there’s anything you want to achieve, go for it with all that you can. If it’s not within your power & you’ve tried all that you possibly can, just breathe and let it be. Embrace the journey and eventually, things will fall into place.

To anyone struggling to complete their education, whether high school, undergraduate or graduate studies, hang on you can do it too.



  1. In truth there’s always a fear regarding what the future holds, but living there too much causes anxiety, there’s much to enjoy in the present.

    Hoping 2years later Hauwa has more clarity on goals and is slaying them.

    • Hawwa

      Hi Maryam! you’re right, the present is all that really matters. Oh yes, 2 years later is clearer, less scary, more fulfilled and at peace. Thanks for asking! xx

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