The hot summer days are finally here. Like your wardrobe, it’s also time for you to switch up your makeup routine and try out some colors and textures. I’ve put together a couple of edgy looks that I believe will be cool for the summer.

Fresh-skin and bold lips

Tone down your summer base to the bare minimum and pair it with bold lip colors or high-shine gloss to spice it up.

Bright eye colors

Inner-eye highlight: A pop of color in the inner corner of the eye is a quick way to elevate your look without trying. Tip: Opt for brighter colors & shimmers to open up the eyes.

Speaking of pop of color, a mono shadow will not only save you 6 hours of blending transition shades (lol) but can also take your look to do next level if paired with the right outfit/accessories.

Colored liners have been trending lately, from the white liner seen on Rihanna to the neon liner looks popping all over Instagram and the runway; you might want to get hooked on too. Tip: Try a brown liner for a start if the other colors seem daring.

Monochrome Makeup Looks

This one has been around for ages, but it’s having a huge moment this summer. Keeping the eyes, cheeks, and lips within the same color palette harmonizes your look.  Try to find colors that suit your complexion and work with them. Corals, peach, and orange are very flattering for the summer.

Faux freckles

This was actually my first attempt at faux freckles. You can do it too!

Freckles are so beautiful and thanks to makeup, you can draw them on if you don’t have any. Faux freckles against a fresh minimum base gives you a natural look, which is perfect for the summer season. To achieve this look, I used a slim eyeliner brush with a brow pomade to draw the faux freckles. Then I tapped them with my fingers to give a soft natural effect.

Let me know which of these summer makeup trends you’ll be trying, and which look was your favorite. See you in my next post xx.




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