These tips/facts will help you get through your skincare journey in 2022.

Progress is not linear; as long as there is inflammation (picked your skin or not), there’s an increased chance of hyperpigmentation. Some days your skin may thrive, other days it may be “meh”. Don’t sweat it.

Don’t rely on skincare alone for skin conditions; we rely heavily and place so many expectations on topical agents when there’s only so much they can do. Don’t get me wrong, topical agents WORK (I’m a living testimony) but don’t expect to moisturize the eye bags from weeks of sleepless nights away instantly. 

Stress, diet lifestyle changes, new product-testing can all trigger flare-ups and slow down your progress as a result. However, it’ll only be temporary as long as know the cause and how to control it.

Take progress photos; they tell you how much progress you’ve made over time, as it’s easy to lose sight of this and feel like nothing is “working”. Again, remember, progress is not always linear.

Progress photos also tell you what routine/products performed better over a period of time. They come in handy when in doubt of what to repurchase.

Consistency is key; you got to stay committed to your routine to see results. Your products won’t work unless you put them to work.

Patience is indeed a virtue. Don’t be in a hurry to switch things up. As long as you are using the right products and there’s no irritation in sight, everything’s going fine, stick to your routine. Average adult skin takes about 28 days to turn over, give your skin some time.

Consult a professional if you can afford to, especially if you have tried the same products for ~12 weeks and there’s no visible progress.

Have realistic skin goals. Don’t be swayed by the “clear” skin photos you see online. Hydrated skin always appears better. Lighting and angles make a lot of difference too.

What skincare habits are you leaving in 2021? I’ll love to know. Wishing you all a prosperous new year!


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