If you’ve been using your lipstick only as “lipstick”, then this post is about to change that. The different shades and finishes of lipstick on the market will tempt you to try them outside the lips. One of the most exciting things about makeup to me is that you get to experiment with different colors, textures, and techniques. For someone who’s still building her makeup kit, and doesn’t have every product specifics out there, I like to innovate. Through my innovation, I found different interesting ways to use lipsticks other than on your lips, which I’ll be sharing with you in this post…

As an Eyeshadow Base

It’s not only concealer and eyeshadow primers that can make your eyeshadow pop. Using a cream lipstick before eyeshadow can intensify the color payoff and make it last longer. Typically what you’ll do with cream eyeshadows but with a wider range of colors to select from. Be sure to do a test patch before using it on the entire eyes since it’s not designed to be applied to the eyes.

Lipstick As a Cream Blush

You’ve probably heard of this one as it’s been used by pro makeup artists even before cream blushes came about. Using lipstick as a blush will not only save you some money but give you different color options to play with, as regular blushes have a limited color range. A classic satin or creamy matte finish is perfect to give your cheeks a fresh flush of color.

Tips for using lipstick as a blush: warm the lipstick at the back of your hands or on a mixing palette. Then apply it with a brush or beauty blender, and build up gradually to your satisfaction. This method is better compared to applying the lipstick directly to the cheeks as that can move the base products.

Lipstick As an Eyeshadow

Using lipsticks as eyeshadow is a quick way to glam up your eyes, from the crease to bottom lash line. This is great when you have no dramatic eyeshadow palettes but still want a range of colors. Use a brush to swipe your favorite cream, liquid or metallic lipstick across your lids or bottom lash line.

Lipstick As a Colored Liner

After using your lipstick as eyeshadow, it’s time to create that bold dramatic wing eyeliner with your favorite lipstick. Liquid-to-matte lipsticks are preferable for this because they dry down matte and are transfer-proof. Again, do a test patch to prevent any kind of irritation.

Lipstick As a Lip Liner

You don’t need to have every lip liner color to line your lips or create an ombre lip. Take a clean small brush for precision, trace the outline of your lips, and pair it with another lipstick of your choice. This tip can also be done with mono-lip color for a cleaner application.

Tip: When using liquid lipsticks, work fast so it blends in with the second lipstick before drying.

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