Ever wondered why facial cleansers include special ingredients when they’re going to be rinsed off after all? Well, that’s because they were supposed to stay longer than you left them on your face. LA Beautyologist, an esthetician, blessed us with a 60-second rule which has been a game changer for many ever since it went viral; still new to some, unknown to others, I felt I’d share the 60-second rule with you guys as I’ve tried it and seen real changes.

The 60-second rule simply implies that you wash your face with your fingers for not less than 60 seconds. Yes, that simple! I know you’re wondering howww the heck is that supposed to change my skin but here’s how it works. Washing your face longer gives the cleanser enough time to do its job. 15 – 20 seconds isn’t enough to get rid of all the makeup, pollution, impurities in your face. However, with 60 seconds, the ingredients in the cleanser penetrate deeper into the skin to get rid of all that junk. It also helps to concentrate on areas one would normally neglect such as the hairline, edges of the nose,  jawline, neck.

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This also means enhanced absorption of other serums, treatments that come after cleansing. In case you didn’t know already, clean skin is one of the essentials in treating many skin issues. When your skin is clean, other products absorb better; and as a result, improved therapeutic benefits.

One thing the esthetician specified was using your fingers, no sponges, no spinning brushes whatsoever – those could be too harsh for 60 seconds. Think of it as giving yourself a lil’ face massage with your fingers, this will stimulate blood circulation on your face.  She also suggests switching your cleanser and not the routine, if you notice it’s drying you out. If you have dry or sensitive skin, I’ll suggest you go for a more gentle, cream cleanser so your skin’s natural moisture isn’t stripped away or your pH imbalanced.

Another thing she mentioned is that some people might experience skin purging. This could be because all that acne, bacteria and stuff that’s been lying dormant beneath the skin are coming up to the surface to leave so it’s expected. Purging may last up to a week before your skin adapts to the new routine.60-second rule

Personally, what I noticed when I started doing the 60-second rule was that my skin always felt softer immediately after washing it.  With time, my pores were unclogged, less visible and I didn’t breakout as often.  It definitely didn’t transform my skin completely, but it improved it. I mean you still got diet, hormones and other factors that play a role in acne. For zero bucks, you really got nothing to lose, uhm except extra 45 seconds.  You can find other reviews of the #60SecondRule by entering the hashtag on Twitter.






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