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Review: January Skincare Empties

For January skincare empties, we have a cleansing oil that contains the newest exfoliant on the block ‘PHA’, a soothing essence that everyone and their grandma swears by, and a sun stick with SPF 50+ that makes the reapplication life easier. Let’s go! Hanskin Cleansing Oil & Blackhead (PHA) Since last year, there’s been increased awareness on the benefits of…

Azelaic Acid 20% Ezanic gel Review

Having experienced the benefits of Azelaic Acid in a product with an inelegant formula, I went hunting for more products with this amazing ingredient. Of course, I was delighted to find another that was easily accessible and didn’t cost a kidney. I’ve been using the Ezanic Azelaic Acid gel for about 8 weeks, and here is my detailed review of…

Top 2020 Skincare Products

In this blog post, we’ll be picking the 2020 top favorites (aka the product that outperformed the others) in each product category; from first cleansers to treatments, sunscreens, and everything in between. As always, all skincare products can be purchased/preordered from Eve Beautique (Nigeria). Grab a snack and let’s dive in, this one is long and worth it! Pre-cleanse Before…

Review: November Skincare Empties

November empties includes a review of a cleanser, vitamin C serum, sunscreen, and two actives that synergistically improved my skin tone and texture at some point this year. Every product (except the sunscreen) has been featured on this blog or my Instagram, so we’ll keep it short and sweet. Wishtrend 2% Acid-Duo Mild Gel Cleanser Review  Mildly exfoliating, deep cleansing,…

Review: Wishtrend 2% Acid-Duo Mild Gel Cleanser

Low-strength PHA & BHA? Low pH? Soap-free? SLS free? Essential oil-free? Sign me up, please! One of the key methods to achieve clear skin is through regular but gentle exfoliation. Keyword: gentle! The first time the thought of incorporating an exfoliating cleanser occurred to me was when I came across one of my fave aesthetician’s skincare routine. He mentioned a…

May Empties: Which One Are We Repurchasing?

From the underestimated acid I love to cult-favorite sunscreen to the ultra-soothing product everyone with sensitive skin should own, keep reading to find out why May product empties have a place in my heart.

Today’s post will be featuring 4 products (a sunscreen, toner, exfoliator, and one other molecule *wink*). Just like we did in April empties, I’ll be sharing a mini-review, pros & cons, and whether or not I’ll be repurchasing.

Etude House SoonJung pH 5.5 Toner

A lightweight toner formulated at pH 5.5 with panthenol, green tea extract, madecassoside and other beneficial ingredients to hydrate, soothe & calm the skin. A little bit about the key ingredients. You’ve probably heard of the all-star ingredient, niacinamide (vitamin B3 derivative) but there’s another cool B-vitamin derivative you should meet, panthenol aka pro-vitamin B5. Panthenol is used as a humectant in skincare formulation and serves as an effective hydrator.

Another bad boy on the ingredient list is madecassoside. It is one of the principal bio-active components found in the medicinal plant extract, Centella Asiatica.  It has been proven to soothe, heal and revitalize the skin (to mention a few). Got sensitive skin? Went overboard with exfoliation? Painful breakouts? Need an antioxidant? Madecassoside is the guy you should look out for in the ingredient list.

Other hydrating ingredients are glycerin, polyglycerin-3, and betaine. Yup! No hyaluronic acid today, the chick needs to rest. If you don’t fancy hyaluronic acid, this is another reason to choose this toner. Oh, and for those sensitive to niacinamide, she’s also not present today.

Texture & Application: It is super lightweight, literally feels (and looks) like water but upon application, it gives the lightest hydration to prep your skin for other products. You can feel the enhanced absorption of other products layered on this toner. This is not your go-to toner if you have dry skin or are looking for some extra nourishment. The oily girls and boys will love it more!

Content, Price & Packaging:
180 ml at N8600 ($22.05). Purchased from EVEbeautique. The most beautiful, transparent, ‘non-glass’ packaging ever (yup, you don’t have to worry about it breaking). It lasted for about 2 months upon a generous, twice daily application. March 10th – May 20th.

Pros: Lightweight; perfect for the summer or humid conditions.  Soothing; on days where my skin was in an override from retinoid (Differin-adapalene 0.1%; review coming soon), this toner did help keep it in check. Free from fragrances (yeah not even essential oils). Free from sulfates & drying alcohols (we don’t like those in leave-on products). Serves as a great addition to the Korean 7/10-step routine (no exfoliating acids or any kind of treatment, just nourishing stuff).

Cons: NONE from this side.
Verdict: I love this toner, and YES I will repurchase it.

Dr. G. Brightening Peeling Gel

A cellulose-based peeling gel that serves as a manual (physical) exfoliator to gently remove dead, flaky skin while nourishing with moisture-locking ingredients such as hollyhock and trehalose. Wait! Don’t scroll past just yet. I know physical exfoliation methods (on the face) have been condemned lately but this one is different, trust me. It claims to be a gentle (that I can attest to) peeling gel that brightens your complexion while sweeping away dead skin cells.

Texture & Application: It comes out of the tube as a white, creamy texture. Weird for a physical exfoliator, right? I told you this was different. I apply it after I’ve thoroughly washed and dried my face, using a gentle rubbing method for about 2 – 3 minutes. The creamy texture soon balls up into white particles; often regarded as dead skin cells ‘peeling off’ but this is a myth. The cellulose base is what gives this effect.

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