This month’s  skincare empties packs a punch with products from every category; we’ve got the most affordable Vitamin C serum ever, a cult favorite BHA product, and even body care. Oh, and some Nigerian brands are featured too so, grab a snack and read on. All products are available to purchase at Eve Beautique unless stated otherwise.

Starting with the order of skincare application, especially since there’s a product for every step:

HIDIROSE Melt it off cleansing balm

A hybrid cleansing balm that glides onto the skin smoothly, to remove makeup, sunscreen, and prep your skin for the following steps. You guys may not understand how proud I am that this is made by a Nigerian brand, Hidirose but, of all the cleansing oils I’ve tried to date, this one is my favorite. There’s something about the scent that makes me look forward to my evening routine, it’s therapeutic.

Hidirose Melt it off cleansing balm review
Courtesy: Hidirose

Texture & Application: somewhere between an oil and balm, lightweight but has enough weight to work into your skin for an indulgence. It turns milky upon contact with water and rinses off without leaving an oily residue. Can be used daily (PM) before water-based cleansers. You can watch the cleansing balm in action here.

Hidirose Melt it off cleansing balm reviewValue: NGN 5000 /100ml. It lasted for about four months when used every other day (at least twice a week). Shop on Hidirose store.

Repurchase? Abso-freakin-lutely! Can’t wait to empty my current oil cleanser and get back to this one.

HIDIROSE Non-Active Foaming Wash

A water-based cleanser; also from Hidirose but not a favorite. I’ll tell you why; the formula is quite runny for a product that does not come with a pump. Secondly, it lathers but not too much and I love me a RICH FOAMING cleanser.

Hidirose Non-active foaming wash reviewTexture & Application: fluid-y, somewhere between cleansing milk and water. It lathers upon contact with water. It can be used daily (AM and PM) after cleansing balms/oils and before toners, moisturizers, sunscreen. You can watch the cleanser in action here.

Pros: It cleanses the skin properly without missing any dirt or excess sebum. Low pH, non-drying, and gentle (no additional active ingredients) enough for daily use.  

Learn more about  the importance of using Low pH cleansers here.

Cons: Packaging could be better; a pump would be more suitable for the formula or a thicker formula would be suitable for the current packaging. It stings my eyes sometimes.

Value: NGN 4000 /100ml. It lasted for about four months when used every other day (at least four times a week). Shop on Hidirose.

Repurchase? No, thank you.

PAULA’S CHOICE  2% BHA Perfecting Liquid

Two things this product has taught me: peer pressure will not take you far in life and pricier doesn’t mean better LOL. This is one of those purchases influenced by literally everyone online and their grandmama(s) smh. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad product, it just didn’t live up to the HYPE (for me).

Let’s take a look at the product claims and see where it failed to deliver:

Courtesy: Paula’s Choice

It did a good job at improving the texture and tone of my skin; I’d wake up to the smoothest skin after using this in the PM routine. Check. Natural glow throughout the day when used in the AM routine. Check. Eliminating whiteheads and blackheads? No check.

Now you see why I’m mad at this product? As a BHA, you only have ONE job– to get into my pores and dissolve the junk! Every other benefit I mentioned earlier could EASILY be taken care of by my AHAs (glycolic or lactic acid). That’s what makes salicylic acid different and if a BHA product can’t deliver in that department, it’s of no use to me. Did I use it the right way? You may ask, well, let’s see below.

Texture & Application: I like the formula; despite being a liquid, it’s not so runny and it allows you to apply the product without cotton pads. Paula’s Choice says it can be used daily. I beg to differ; your skin’s lipid barrier might SUFFER if you use this every day. My skin doesn’t feel dry or tight on application but it could be drying when used frequently.

Paula’s Choice bha review Nigeria I used it 2 – 4 times a week as I would with other exfoliants, but despite increasing frequency (about 5 consecutive days) focusing application only on my chin and nose, there was still no improvement on whiteheads. All I got was tight, shiny, smooth-to-touch skin in return. Hello, over-exfoliation 🙂

The PC BHA can be used either in the AM or PM after cleansing before toners, moisturizers, sunscreen. You can watch me use this exfoliant in my routine here.

Value: USD 10|NGN 4400 /30ml. Thankful for trial sizes. It lasted for about three-four months. I lost count because I was reluctant to use it.

Repurchase? Nope! Already back to my trusted Stridex pad that actually eliminates the whiteheads on my skin.

Alternatives that have performed better on whiteheads (for me):

  • Stridex Pads (Salicylic acid 2%) 
  • Hidirose Gentle Resurfacing Liquid (Salicylic acid 1% and AHAs)
  • Replenix Gly-Sal 5-2 Deep Pore Cleanser (Salicylic acid 2%)

DR. RASHEL Vitamin C Serum

Never have I ever seen a Vitamin C serum so cheap yet highly raved about. This one is adored by so many around here (Nigeria) and they swear it does everything. I bet it even pays their bills lol. It claims to smoothen wrinkles, fine lines and brighten the skin. I guess we’ll have to fast-forward to the future to test out the claims on wrinkles.

Dr. Rashel Vitamin C serum reviewAs for brightening, I noticed the Dr. Rashel serum did a decent job at evening out the dark patches that the Kojie san soap left behind (while trying to fade hyperpigmentation). Unlike other Vitamin C serums, I didn’t find it irritating on my skin. The form of Vitamin C present is ethylated (3-o-ethyl) ascorbic acid so I’m not surprised.

Texture & Application: Clear, lightweight formula; it sinks easily into the skin quickly and hydrates while at it. Not enough to replace your favorite hydrating serum though. It can be used both AM and PM, before moisturizers or cream-based products.

Value: NGN 3500 for 50ml. While the size offers more bang for the buck, it’s important to use it up as soon as possible because it oxidizes (change of serum color) over time. I observed that with the last drops. It lasted for about two months and a week. It did not oxidize during that period. Shop on Allure NG

Repurchase? Maybe, if I need a boost of antioxidants. My skin didn’t appear duller after I took it out of my routine so it’s not a staple for me. 

SHISEIDO 10% Urea Hand & Legs Cream

I like to think of myself as a rebel when it comes to following skincare rules. For instance, I combine acids and retinol in the same routine. In the same manner, I ignore the label of a product meant for the body and use it on my face simply because the ingredient list seems harmless to my face. Don’t judge me, I wanted a 10% Urea cream so bad and the others were inaccessible. Click here to read more on why Urea is SO good for the skin!

Sheseido 10% Urea Hand & Legs Cream ReviewThis product was designed for the hands and legs but, believe me when I tell you it is one of the best facial moisturizers for combination skin. It is hydrating and moisturizing at the same time. Yes, there’s a difference between the two. Most moisturizers are either deeply hydrating but don’t seal in moisture for a long time, or are moisturizing and oil-based without providing enough water to the skin. That is, you can’t really enjoy them without applying a hydrating toner/serum/essence first.

Texture & Application: White, lightweight, creamy formula; it penetrates easily into the skin, feels, hydrating initially and after massaging it in, your face feels and stays moisturized even after hours. A little goes a long way!

Pros: Multitasking formula; can be used on the face and body. It makes my skin soft! It’s good for all skin types. Unlike a lot of gel-based creams, it doesn’t leave the dryer parts of your skin crying for moisture in the morning. It does not clog the oily parts either; this is why it’s great for combination skin.  

Sheseido 10% Urea Hand & Legs Cream ReviewFrom what we’ve seen in the books, Urea is keratolytic. At 10%, it causes the skin to naturally exfoliate itself by softening and loosening up the bonds holding matured skin cells. What I noticed while using this cream is that, even when I skipped regular exfoliation for weeks, my skin remained radiant in appearance. If not for the whiteheads on the T-zone of my face that served as a reminder to whoop out my BHA pads, I wouldn’t have found a reason to exfoliate.  

Value: USD 20.5|NGN 9000 /100ml. Lasted for three months upon daily usage, sometimes twice daily. Like I mentioned earlier, a little goes a long way! Shop on Amazon

Repurchase? Most likely!

KOSE Suncut UV Perfect Essence

Kosé Suncut UV Perfect Essence empties reviewThe Kose Suncut sunscreen is not new here and I’m glad a lot of you love it as much as I do. It’s a chemical (organic) sunscreen that does not leave a white cast or shiny finish on the skin. It’s not matte either. Texture? Performance? Value? Where to purchase? All stated in this post.

Repurchase? I’m still yet to find one that outperforms it in all categories so, I’m on to the fourth tube.

KUDDY COSMETICS Shea Butter Body Lotion

First off, if you adore the moisturizing powers of Shea butter but don’t like how heavy it can be on the skin, GET IN here! This is a lightweight lotion that hydrates the body without feeling heavy or greasy on the skin. Apart from Shea butter, it contains some skin goodies such as peptides, allantoin, and natural moisturizing factors. Kuddy Cosmetics is a Nigerian brand by the way.  

Kuddy Cosmetics Shea butter body lotion review Texture & Application: Off white, lotion-cream hybrid formula; blends into the skin seamlessly and leaves it feeling hydrated. It can be used day and night.

Pros: Lightweight formula; best suited for oily/balanced skin, if you ask me. Unlike other lotions, it doesn’t feel slimy on the skin when you sweat or come in contact with water. It’s great for the summer, daytime use, and humid climate. Affordable!

Cons: It is not moisturizing enough for dry skin or dryer parts of the body such as the feet, elbows, knees. You may need to follow up with oil.

Value: NGN 2150/500ml. Available at H-Medix Pharmacy or your local supermarket. I appreciate that it comes in 500ml; a lot of body care products be tripping with 200ml. It lasted for two months upon daily usage, sometimes twice daily. 

Repurchase? Absolutely!

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